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Do I Need AC Duct Cleaning Services?

Do I Need AC Duct Cleaning Services?

If you perform regular maintenance of your household appliances, chances are you will be less likely to face severe issues that need professional attention. This case is especially true with AC ducts that can typically be cleaned yourself. However, even AC ducts have problems when we least expect them and despite our best efforts. Today we will look at four signs that it’s time for you to call AC duct cleaning services for extra help. 

1. A Foul Odor Is Spreading In Your Home

Have you ever noticed a powerfully foul smell in certain parts of your home? Did you start cleaning your home extra thoroughly, believing that would somehow eliminate the source of the smell? Are you spraying perfumes and lighting scented candles in every corridor, only for that stench to relentlessly fill your home? Foul odors can be seen as a cry for help from your AC ducts, in desperate need of being checked. If the odor persists after cleaning the ducts yourself, a professional will be most helpful in getting to the bottom of what’s causing it. 

2. Your HVAC System, As A Whole, Isn’t Properly Working

AC ducts are just one of the many moving parts that make up your HVAC system. If one part ceases to work correctly, a domino effect will lead to other parts of the HVAC system failing to perform to standard. If there is a high accumulation of dust and debris in your AC ducts, it will cause parts of your HVAC system to either lag or overwork themselves to compensate for the lagging parts. In order to be sure the issues lie with the AC ducts specifically, troubleshoot different parts of your HVAC system to get a proper diagnosis. If you are unsure how to troubleshoot your HVAC system as a whole properly, a professional will be more than willing to be of assistance. 

3. You and Your Fellow Residents Feel Sick 

Are you or your fellow residents experiencing constant headaches and dizziness? Does it feel like everyone in your home is getting sick at a higher frequency than usual? If you suspect something in your home environment is the cause, it is worth calling a professional to check out your AC ducts for mold and mildew growth. A professional can spot the mold, treat and remove it to the fullest extent, and help replace or maintain your AC ducts to prevent future infestations. 

4. You See Debris Flowing From Air Vents 

Are you seeing little dust particles coming out of the air vents? Do you still see those particles coming out after dusting the vents? If you answered yes to both questions, it means the build-up of debris in your AC ducts is severe and either needs heavy-duty cleaning or a part of the ducts that keeps out the debris is broken and needs replacing. A professional will be able to successfully clear out any clogs created by the debris build-up and repair and replace any parts that may have been damaged as a result of the trapped debris and dust. If you see even just a few particles ejected from your vents, call for AC duct cleaning services immediately to avoid any further damage to your HVAC system, home, or health. 

What Happens Next? 

Even if you are not entirely sure that your AC ducts are the source of the above problems, professional services are still your best option for ensuring your home stays clean and functional. At AC Repair Deer Park, we offer quick and affordable duct cleaning services that will ensure your home retains healthy indoor air quality. If any of the above scenarios are happening to you right now, contact us today.