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What Is A Mini Split AC?

What Is A Mini Split AC?

Since its invention by Willis Haviland Carrier in 1902, the modern air conditioning unit has provided many people with an easy refuge from the oppressive summer heat. For over a century, the air conditioning unit has undergone many changes and improvements to meet the needs of residential homes and commercial buildings more effectively. One notable iteration of the AC unit comes in the form of a mini split AC. You are probably wondering: what is a mini split AC? Today, you will learn all about the mini split AC and how it works by reading this blog.

What Is A Mini Split AC?

Also known as the ductless air conditioner, the mini split AC is different from a traditional AC unit in that it controls the temperature and climate of a specific room or space. The traditional AC unit, on the other hand, controls the temperature of a larger portion of a property. These units are small and include three components: the evaporator, the refrigerant line, and the condenser. When answering “What is a mini split AC?” one must also describe the five types of indoor mini split AC models available. These indoor models are wall-mounted, floor-mounted, floor-standing, ceiling cassette, and ceiling-suspended mini split AC units.

How Does A Mini Split AC Work?

Our next step in answering the question: “What is a mini split AC?” is to dive into how exactly a mini split AC works. Unlike a traditional AC system, you can install any number of mini split units in different rooms or zones throughout your home. You can create a setup so that up to six indoor mini split units are connected to a single outdoor unit. As for how mini split AC works, here are the steps involved in the cooling process:

1. Evaporator

The cooling process starts with the evaporator, which is located inside, absorbing the hot air permeating the inside of your home. The hot air then travels into the evaporator coils. The air is now going to be transformed from hot to cold.

2. Refrigerant Line

After passing through the evaporator coils, the air reaches the refrigerant line. In the refrigerant line, the heat is separated from the air and sent outside.

3. Condenser

Finally, when the heat gets sent outside, the newly cool air is directed back inside to keep you and your loved ones nice and cool on those hot summer days. Now that you understand exactly how a mini split AC keeps your home cool, let’s look at the benefits of owning a mini split AC.

Benefits Of A Mini Split AC

Mini split AC units can bring many benefits that otherwise don’t accompany a central air conditioning system. Today, we’ll show you just three of the most noteworthy advantages of this cooling system.

More Energy-Efficient

Right off the bat, a mini split AC unit is more energy-efficient than the traditional central air conditioning system. This energy efficiency is due to the lack of ductwork which tends to lead to higher energy consumption according to the U.S. Department of Energy. A mini split AC unit only uses the amount of energy needed for a specific temperature, preventing overall energy waste.

Easy To Install

A mini split AC unit is also easy for anyone to install. All you need to do is follow the instructions laid out in the user manual provided. The easy installation process for this unit will also allow you to save money by not hiring a contractor to install it for you.

Temperature Can Be Adjusted Room-To-Room

One of the biggest selling points of mini split AC units is the fact that they can be used to control the temperature of individual rooms rather than the temperature of the entire house. If a loved one wants to cool off in the living room, while you stay warm in your home office, a mini split AC unit system can make that possible without getting in the way of your staying warm or cooling off. Those days of bickering over the overall indoor temperature will finally be over.

what is a mini split ac

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Hopefully, after reading this blog you feel more comfortable in your understanding of what is a mini split AC. However, there might be times when you’ll run into trouble that only a professional can successfully address, so you’ll need to know who to contact when that time comes. Luckily, you can contact us at AC Repair Deer Park to keep your mini split AC or your traditional HVAC system in the best shape possible!